Arlet’s Cafe & Meal Prep

At Arlet’s Cafe & Meal Prep, we believe that your health is the most essential thing in the world. That’s why we’re here to help you live a healthier lifestyle by providing you with the proper food you need to make healthy choices every day.

How Our Meal Prep Works

Step 1

Select your custom meals from our list of Proteins - Starches - Vegetables


Step 2

Our Chef will shop - prep - cook and package your meals

Step 3

Pick up from our conveniently located kitchen in Chatsworth, CA

Step 4

Heat and serve

Dine In Options Available

Arlet’s Cafe

When you want the convenience of a nutritiously prepared meal but would rather sit and eat with a friend. Arlet’s Cafe has got you covered. Come in and enjoy your cooked to order breakfast or one of our grab n go meals in the comfort of our dining room.