About Arlet’s Cafe & Meal Prep

What makes Arlet’s Cafe & Meal Prep Special:

We’re different from most meal prep services as we walk the walk. We have both struggled with body image issues and realized food was the key to success. Additionally, with our combined backgrounds and talents, Arlet being in the restaurant business for 40+ years and Leslie a classically trained chef, the food quality and taste far surpass most if not all meal prep companies. Our motto “If Arlet won’t eat it, we won’t serve it”. We strive to provide our clients with the most nutritious, tasty and healthy meals that we would be proud to eat ourselves. “Building bodies from the inside out”.

What matters most to you?

Quality of our food. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it has to taste like cardboard. Flavor and cooking technique sets us apart and raises the bar for all other meal prep services.

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About Us

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Arlet’s Cafe & Meal Prep is all about fitness and health, and we strive to help people achieve their diet & fitness goals through our meal prep program. Contact us to learn more about our meal programs.

Our Story

Arlet Cicek is the owner/operator of Arlet’s Cafe & Meal Prep and also a bodybuilding Figure competitor. She and her husband, Leslie, started the company in October 2017, and the cafe is located inside Crunch Fitness Chatsworth.

Arlet got started in the fitness world in 2007 when she used fitness, food and participation in a 12 step program to overcome her addiction; she began kickboxing as a way to vent some stress. A girlfriend of hers made her go to her first spin class, where she fell in love with it. She obtained her Spinning Certification in 2007 and was immediately recruited by LA Fitness Northridge. While at LA Fitness, she became certified in Bodywork, body sculpting, and Kickboxing.

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Between 2011 and 2013, Arlet wanted to try her hand at her Spin studio and joined Moore Fitness in Granada Hills to open “Crank It With Arlet.” After leaving the world of studio ownership behind, Arlet moved on to work as a contract Spin Instructor at Powerhouse Gym Sports Complex and Crunch Fitness Northridge, where she was certified in RealRyder.

In 2015 Arlet met trainer/coach JR Rice at XT Sports Performance. With JR’s help, she decided to compete in her first bodybuilding show, and in November 2015 competed and took 3rd place in the figure competition.

On December 6, 2015, following her first Spartan Sprint Obstacle Race, Arlet got engaged to the man of her dreams by way of a surprise “Flash Mob.” In July 2017, Arlet competed in her 2nd figure competition and won 3 awards, including overall for the show.

That same year, Arlet made her dream come true of opening her own cafe with her fiance Leslie who sold his insurance practice and attended culinary school and joined her in fulfilling her dream.

Leslie Kaz is the other half of this team as owner/operator of Arlet’s Cafe & Meal Prep located inside Crunch Fitness Chatsworth, started by Leslie and his wife, Arlet October 2017.

Leslie struggled with his weight all his life, finally reaching 295 lbs, with sleep apnea, taking prescription medications, and borderline diabetes. It was time to make a change, and over the course of 5 years, Leslie could drop his weight to 195 lbs and
maintain it. He now leads an active, healthy lifestyle and has been dedicated to this pursuit for many years.

Leslie started his career in the insurance industry in 2004 and eventually opened his own agency. In 2015 Leslie attended culinary school and turned his passion for food into a profession. Joining Arlet’s family restaurant business, he learned the ropes from Sako, his now father-in-law. This excellent training was perfect for what was to come next; opening their own restaurant in 2017, Arlet’s Cafe & Meal Prep.

Arlet’s Cafe & Meal Prep started with an underlying idea: If Arlet didn’t eat it, we wouldn’t serve it. This allowed us to create healthy, delicious food options for our patrons. “We don’t just cook food; we walk the talk, we live the lifestyle, we eat our own food, and we like the results.” “We build bodies from the inside out”

To start your fitness & health journey with Arlet & Leslie, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help you out with your dietary goals.